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This is a cast of a PSITTACOSAURUS
The Psittacosaurus also nick named the parrot lizard because of it's parrot like beak. They were a small primitive ceratopsian plant eater and a close ancestor to the horned dinosaurs such as the well known triceratops. It could walk on two or four legs and in using only it's hind legs may have been a fast runner and it's only means of escaping predators. This is a professional made cast from liquid plastics poured into molds. It comes in 7 sections and easily assembled. The base is made from oak. I can also mount them in a different running pose.
This would be a great eye-catcher for your office.
It is 29 1/2" high from the oak base and 41" long.
Item # REP103       $ 885.00 SOLD
Psittacosaurus cast Psittacosaurus cast

This is a cast of a Smilodon populator!!! It is the largest of its species. Mostly known from the eastern side of SOUTH AMERICA, it seems to have evolved in its own ecomorph following disperal of its most common ancester, Smilodon gracilis. Age is middle Pleistocene making it less than 10,000 years old. This is a very impressive cast WITH 11" SABERS. This would make a very attractive specimen to your collection.
Comes with display stand.
UPPER SKULL SIZE IS 13 1/4" L, 8" W,7 1/4" H.
Item # REP 100       $ 325.00 SOLD OUT

This is a cast of a saber-tooth cat (Xenosmilus hodsonae) VERY RARE. Age is Pleistocene, found in Florida in 1981. The remains of two specimens were found in the Haile limestone quarries in Alucha County, Florida. Although this is a cast it would make a great addition to any collection.
This would be a great eye-catcher for your office.
13"L, 7"W, 6 1/2" H
Item # REP101       $ 475.00 SOLD OUT
Xenosmilus hodsonae

This cast is of a CAVE LION. They became extinct approx. 15,000 years ago. These large conical-toothed cats of the North American Ice Age were relatives of the present day African Lion. This specimen is 15,000 to 25,000 years old.
Stand available.
This is an excellent reproduction.
Skull size- 15"L, 10" W, 7" H.
Item # REP102       $ 420.00 SOLD OUT
Cave Lion

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