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Our History in Fossils

Welcome to our Web site!
We would like to take a minute and introduce ourselves. We should mention that we are old hands when it comes to fossils. What once was a hobby, is now a full-time business. This father and son partnership has developed many trusting relationships with customers worldwide. We have been providing fossil collectors, museums and dealers with specimens of top quality in preparation and restoration design for a about 30 years. Our objective is a satisfied customer. We take pride in providing top quality specimens to our clients. We feel our prices are much affordable and all our specimens are collected from private property with given permission from the land owners. Our company NO MORE attends the mineral & fossil shows in Tucson, Arizona and Denver, Colorado. The web site, custom preparation, old and new customers keep us much to busy to attend the shows.We try to carry the best in quality and hand pick all of our inventory ourself. We keep in stock a large inventory of Green River fish fossils and other specimens from the Green River formation. We can also supply you with decorative murals custom made to your specifications. You just tell us what type of specimens, how many specimens and what size of plate you want and we will custom build it for you. REFUNDS made only for the dollar amount of the item up to three days after delivery. Buyer must pay for all the shipping cost's and insurance both directions. If you have any questions please email us at, or call 605-787-5554, 605-578-2648. Thank you Ed and Dan

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