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Black Hawk Fossils offers unique fossil specimens, sold to collectors and museums around the world. Our fossil specimens are a great addition to any home or office decor. Black Hawk Fossils specializes in quality specimens such as dinosaur bones, dinosaur teeth, fossilized turtles, fossilized skulls, Green River fossil fish, ammonites, Moroccan polished slabs, Rock Art or decorative fossils. Our fossil specimen make great gift ideas. Please click on any of the following images for more details. Please note that we accept credit card payments through PayPal. To purchase an item with a card, just click on the PayPal button posted on any page.

DATE 11-11-2015.

We have JUST ADDED framed fish plates and small fish plates WITH MORE TO COME, also have you looked at our Meteorite page with 9 great specimen. We have a very nice selection of partial fossil palm fronds. Don't see what you are looking for, give us a call.

More Coming.

 palmfrond Item # PE103  Diplomystus & palm Item# PF108  knightia multi fish plate Item# FE118 fossil fish mosaic Item# JD-FM13 fossil fish mosaic Item# D-FM12
Item# PE103 Item# PF108 Item# FE118 Item# JD-FM13 Item# D-FM12
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Fish Plate Item# MU101
This three-section artwork is 9'x4'. A custom-designed mosaic mural would be an excellent addition to your home or office.
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